When you think you have touched the bottom, you can always keep digging. Alberto was better because, fell to hell, he has returned. Alberto was born in 1959 in a small village in the province of Frosinone: little work and a lot of unemployment, poverty and no future. When Alberto is seven years old the family decided to emigrate to Canada. At first it is hard, very hard, then things improve and Alberto discovers he has a talent for baseball, gets married and has two children but … Before the joints, which cost him the expulsion from the team, then drugs heavy, jail and finally the alcohol.

The marriage does not stand up and he can not even be a good father. Back in Italy and meets the Arca, but is sick, very sick. Drugs and alcohol have significantly damaged the liver. There is no cure very effective, that provides almost 100 percent of healing, but it is very expensive (€ 50,000) and the doctors are not particularly willing to invest so much public money on a drug addict because, they say, is not reliable.

Arca is the guarantor and the doctors of St. Orsola Hospital are convinced. The treatment worked and now Alberto is completely healed: he lives in one of the structures that ARCA offers to people who are assisted, helped and cared for in body and in spirit.



filming, editing and directing by
Tommaso Volpi